Printing and Voting a Blank Ballot

If you prefer not to mark your ballot online, you may use the online ballot marking tool to print a blank ballot and hand-mark your selections for return to your County Election office.
  1. Log in to access your ballot by:
    • Selecting your date of birth using the dropdown menus and,
    • Entering one of the following
      • The last four digits of your Social Security Number, OR
      • Your Driver's License Number (without dashes or spaces)
    • View voting instructions for more Information.
  2. Click the Hand Mark Blank Ballot link to open the ballot, along with an Affidavit and Coversheet, and instructions for returning your ballot.
  3. Print your ballot by selecting the Download and Print My Ballot button.
  4. Hand-mark your blank ballot according to the printed instructions.
  5. Follow the printed instructions to return your ballot and Affidavit and Coversheet to the County Election office by email, fax, or mail.
You must return your ballot to your County Election office for your vote to count!