Accessibility Information

The online ballot marking program has been designed specifically to enable blind and vision impaired voters to cast a secret ballot.

The online pages have been created in consultation with disability groups and specialists to be:
  • Responsive
  • Simple to navigate
  • Linear
Select from one of the links below to read additional accessibility information:

Features of the Online Ballot Marking System

  • Well-constructed web pages with logical top to bottom information flow.
  • Clearly labeled form elements.
  • Consistent placement of page content and page navigation.

Voting with Windows Screen Readers

The online ballot marking system includes W3C-Compliant ARIA landmarks to make the navigation experience more efficient for users who have an ARIA-aware screen reader such as

  • JAWS 12
  • NVDA

The system has been designed with accessibility in mind, but the process of voting online involves extensive navigation of complex forms and a strong familiarity with:

  • Use of forms modes.
  • Switching between forms entry mode, and page navigation mode.

For best results, we recommend:

  • First, review the page in navigation mode, to understand its layout and general operation.
  • Then activate forms mode and use the tab key to move between each group or candidate in the ballot.
  • When you wish to select a candidate or choice that you have landed on, use the space bar on your keyboard to select that candidate or choice.

If you have a recent screen reader:

  • ARIA landmarks are on some of the ballot pages.
  • ARIA landmarks allow you to jump very quickly to different parts of the webpage.

If your screen reader doesn't support ARIA landmarks, then you are still able to move down the ballot using navigation links above each group, but this method is much less efficient than using ARIA landmarks.

For best results using a screen reader, we recommend:

  • JAWS with Internet Explorer
  • Window Eyes with Internet Explorer
  • NVDA with Mozilla Firefox.

JAWS with Firefox has known compatibility issues that can lead to a confusing screen reader experience.

Voting using VoiceOver on a Mac

You can use all the standard webpage navigation and interaction features of VoiceOver to:

  • Review and mark contests on the Online Ballot Marking System.

When you are on the oval for the candidate or choice that you wish to select:

  • Press the space bar to make the selection.

Note: VoiceOver will announce the selection after you press the space bar.

VoiceOver on the Mac provides some support of ARIA landmarks, and you can also move up or down the ballot and instructional resources using the navigation links.